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Living Beauty Mallow are one of the country's leading providers of Murad treatments. The staff at Living Beauty are all professional skin therapists. Our highly trained team can expertly apply Dr Murad products such as makeup and foundations for the face as well as cleansers and other skin care applications.

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Here are brief descriptions of our most popular Murad treatments.

Redness Therapy Treatment

This facial is suitable for Sensitive Skin, Rosacea & Redness. This facial provides fast relief to calm and soothe easily inflamed, sensitive, rosacea type skin. Antioxidants and antiinflammatory ingredients help to gently soothe, calm and strengthen even the most sensitive skin. This facial is a must for anyone suffering from broken capillaries.

Environmental Shield Sun Undone Vitamin C Facial

This facial is suitable for Sun Damaged Skin, Smokerís Skin, Dull and Tired Skin. Its aim is to brighten dullness and reduce pigmentation for more radiant skin. It also helps improve clarity, texture, elasticity and firmness. Antioxidant rich ingredients such as Vitamin C helps to targets age spots and sun damage.

Resurgence Renewal Treatment

This facial is suitable for dry, dehydrated, sagging and deeper wrinkled skin. Itsí aim is to help hydrate and firm the skin for a sculpted more youthful look. It helps restore a luminous glow. Itsí suitable for menopausal and hormonal skin as it helps lock in hydration and restore suppleness, texture and tone.

Age Reform AHA Rapid Exfoliator Treatment

This facial smoothes fine lines for softer visibly younger looking skin. It helps reduce the visible signs of ageing through its excellent exfoliating treatment which helps to improve skin tone and texture. A unique blend of AHA/BHAís and hydrators soothe and smooth the skin to reveal brighter, softer, healthier younger-looking skin.

IP5 Peel

This peel is the highest grade peel you can have. At a level 5 the results are amazing. Working best as a course no down time is required. Suitable for all skin types itís proven to leave your skin brighter, smoother and firmer after just one treatment. It swiftly and dramatically reduces the appearance of wrinkles and leaves the skin with long-lasting hydration.

Dr Murad & Living Beauty Skin Therapists

The skin therapists at Living Beauty Mallow are all experts in applying Dr Murad skin care products. Murad's transformative products are at the heart of a comprehensive approach to wellness that Dr. Murad calls Inclusive Health. This clinically tested, integrated system optimises the health of the body's entire cellular population through topical, internal and emotional self-care.

Together with results-focused skin care, internal supplements and a positive emotional outlook, this Inclusive Health approach to living dramatically improves the health of the skin and every connected cell in your body.



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As a leading provider of Dr Murad in Cork, Living Beauty Mallow has grown in both stature and reputation. Our customer base has grown vastly during recent years especially our Murad treatments. Clients from near and far, from Mallow, Fermoy, Charleville to Cork city and beyond make online appointments with our team specifically because of our professional Dr Murad treatments as well as our first class customer care.

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